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Rgo 6 years ago
And they say men don’t get raped smh.
Lol 6 years ago
Imagine being asleep like that & missing out
Thumbs Up 6 years ago
How'd he given a thumbs up asleep? Stay in character lol
Lmfao 6 years ago
They stood homie up and had him tapping a bitch doggystyle LMAOO
Wtf 6 years ago
These hoes really giggling like some Lil school girls in the beginning. Lmao fuckin thots.
Brady7087 6 years ago
That's my fucking boy i died at the you really think i was asleep LMAO
Brunette 6 years ago
I believe the brunettes name is Stoney Lynn, your welcome
From 9gag 6 years ago
Thumbs 6 years ago
Anyone else notice the thumbs up he gave the camera as he was "asleep"? Lmao
I need pussy 6 years ago
Blonde girls name is molly Mae